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Best OBD2 Apps for Android and iOS 2019

A Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is the most convenient way to keep a close eye on vehicle health. These devices use an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter to transmit data directly on a variety of mobile devices. From there, you can rely on a number of powerful applications to display data in real time or save it for later […]

Best OBD2 Scanners for Mechanics

In the hands of a mechanic, OBD2 scanners have become modern wonder-tools. Almost any vehicles onboard ODBII system can be read within minutes, often revealing crucial fault-finding information. With this head start, the time spent diagnosing issues is significantly reduced, and final testing can be performed with greater accuracy. Professional mechanics of all sizes are […]

Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

The check engine light activates to draw the driver’s attention to possible vehicle engine problems. If you see this check engine light flashing, it signifies a severe issue that requires immediate attention. Whereas a steady check engine light is less urgent, indicating a need to have the car inspected. Sadly, the check engine warning light […]

BlueDriver Bluetooth Adapter – Best OBD2 Scanner Review

The BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool offers a perfect mix of advanced features and wireless versatility. Without a doubt, its one of the best Bluetooth OBD2 adapters available, plus it’s compatible with both Android or iOS. Convenience- Data reading and communication is instantaneous between the adapter and your smartphone. It’s never been easier to diagnose and view real-time […]

Actron CP9580A Enhanced ODB2 Scanner Review

When searching for the best OBD2 scanner, you’re always going to come across the Actron CP9580A Enhanced. It’s easy-to-use, robust and  packed with nifty features. But as always, the best OBD2 scanner is subjective to your personal requirements. So, let’s explore exactly what this Actron scanner has to offer! Price wise, the Actron CP9580A Enhanced […]

Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Reviews 2019

While traditional handheld OBD2 scanners still serve us well, but the inception of OBD2 Bluetooth adapters offers a more convenient way to monitor vehicle health. Bluetooth OBD2 scanners grant users wireless access to vehicle onboard computers through their existing mobile devices. The OBD2 scan tool market is now flooded with Bluetooth devices, many of which […]

How to Reset Check Engine Light Using 2 Easy Methods

When the check engine light starts rears its ugly head, it’s crucial you act upon this distress signal. However, even once you’ve diagnosed the cause and rectified the problem, the check engine light often remains. Even more annoyingly, turning off the check engine light is not as simple as you would like. Usually, we are forced to […]

Buyer’s guide to diagnostic tools

Even as a full-time mechanic, deciding on the right scan tool could be challenging since there are a variety of options out there, which ranges from the low-cost, straightforward trouble code reader to the thorough, stand-alone diagnostic device which can set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Buying one comes right down to several […]