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Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

The check engine light activates to draw the driver’s attention to possible vehicle engine problems. If you see this check engine light flashing, it signifies a severe issue that requires immediate attention. Whereas a steady check engine light is less urgent, indicating a need to have the car inspected. Sadly, the check engine warning light […]

How to Reset Check Engine Light Using 2 Easy Methods

When the check engine light starts rears its ugly head, it’s crucial you act upon this distress signal. However, even once you’ve diagnosed the cause and rectified the problem, the check engine light often remains. Even more annoyingly, turning off the check engine light is not as simple as you would like. Usually, we are forced to […]

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Quite often, a home mechanic removes a brand new oxygen sensor from the box and improperly installs it. This mistake ruins it, or at least shortens its life. When replacing the oxygen sensor, here are some tips to gain the most life possible from it: Always use an oxygen sensor wrench or socket when removing […]
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