Equus Innova 3160 ABS CAN OBD2 scanner review

After using a couple of entry-level OBDII scanners, I decided to look into something that had a few extra features. This is where the Innova Equus 3160 ABS OBD2 unit comes in.

After searching most forums I finally pitched for this model after many recommendations. It ticked a few boxes for me as I was looking for a professional set-up without breaking the bank. Oh and I needed something that was ‘future proof’, where I could get regular software/firmware updates from the actual company.

After several months of usage, I’ve written down my opinions of this particular diagnostic tool.


Assess  all 1996 and newer vehicles including pickups,  and Sports utility vehicles that are domestic, Asian or European

Reasonably priced for a professional unit, ideal for home or workshop use

Ideal to determine either ABS as well as Engine codes

Can insert batteries into the unit. Ideal to read codes when vehicle battery has died

Connects to the PC/laptop via USB, or via the old serial connection (ideal if you own a relic of a PC that was knocking around in the early 90′s!).

Decent back-light

Good quality build, could possibly describe it as rugged


Doesn’t show all ABS codes for some vehicles. If the ABS feature ranks high on your checklist, then ensure that the vehicle is actually included on the motor vehicles list

At the time of writing, the ABS codes are limited to US cars only. This may change in the future though via a
firmware/software update.


I choose this OBD2 scanner due the fact that it is aimed at the professional market – if it’s good for them, then it’s good enough for me! But seriously, I had to look around at the online forums and ask some questions on a pro unit that was both fairly cheap and reliable.

Out of the few units I own, this one sees most of the action when diagnosing vehicle problems.

But for someone who’ll only want to use a code scanner now and again, and who is on a really tight budget, the entry level units that I’ve written about will be enough.

Oh by the way, make sure the model ordered is a 3160′b’ version which features a built-in USB connector. Some of the older units only have a serial port, and let’s face it – none of the modern PCs have these ports! But it’s possible to obtain a serial port to USB adapter off of eBay for a couple of dollars. It seems that all the major retailers, both online and offline, are selling the newer USB version.

The Innova OBDII 3160 diagnostic System consists of a diagnostic tool, the OBDII 16-pin connection, Laptop/computer software program along with a cable, a video,  a good tough nylon pouch, a decent user manual in English, (Spanish and French languages are also included).