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Equus Innova 3160 ABS CAN OBD2 scanner review

After using a couple of entry-level OBDII scanners, I decided to look into something that had a few extra features. This is where the Innova Equus 3160 ABS OBD2 unit comes in. After searching most forums I finally pitched for this model after many recommendations. It ticked a few boxes for me as I was looking for […]

Innova Equus 3030 review

This is a review for a Equus 3030 by Innova (a US company based in California),  which is another basic OBD2 diagnostic scanner. At around $50, I felt that it was worth trying out on my truck to see how it coped with identifying any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). For the OBD2 scanner to function, the usual […]

Buyer’s guide to diagnostic tools

Even as a full-time mechanic, deciding on the right scan tool could be challenging since there are a variety of options out there, which ranges from the low-cost, straightforward trouble code reader to the thorough, stand-alone diagnostic device which can set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Buying one comes right down to several […]

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Quite often, a home mechanic removes a brand new oxygen sensor from the box and improperly installs it. This mistake ruins it, or at least shortens its life. When replacing the oxygen sensor, here are some tips to gain the most life possible from it: Always use an oxygen sensor wrench or socket when removing […]
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